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Christianity's Criminal History

Volume 1 - The Early Period

From Old Testament origins to the death of Saint Augustine (430)

Introduction to the entire oeuvre: groups of themes, methodology, problem of objectivity and the problematic nature of historiography in general

Volume 2 - Late Antiquity

From the Catholic "children emperors" to the extermination of the Arian Vandals and Ostrogoths under Justinian I (527-565)


Volume 3 - The Ancient Church

Forgery, Brainwashing, Exploitation, Annihilation

Volume 4 - Early Middle Ages

From King Clovis (ca. 500) to the death of Charles "the Great" (814)

Volume 5 - 9th and 10th Centuries

From Louis the Pious (814) to the death of Otto III (1002)

Volume 6 - 11th and 12th Centuries

From Emperor Henry II "the Holy" (1002) to the end of the Third Crusade (1192)

Volume 7 - 13th and 14th Centuries

From Emperor Henry VI (1190) to the death of Louis IV of Bavaria (1347)







Christianity's Criminal History



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